Solutions for... single items across town through to ship loads of containers to the world.



We offer complete solutions for distribution centres from concept to implementation using MultiPick WMS software, hardware and advanced material handling equipment for the best ROI.


Alternatively, we offer hardware only solutions incorporating a range of hand held and vehicle mounted computers, scanners, and RFID devices, Voice Picking, and purpose built picking trolleys.

Ports & Intermodal


We offer proven, cost-effective wireless solutions specifically for Ports and Intermodal operations, comprising of mobile devices and Telco grade WiFi base stations.


Our range of industrial hand helds and vehicle mounted computers are used in over 200 ports world wide.


Wavions unique WiFi base stations spatially adaptive technology enables continuous communications within ever changing containers stacks. In addition, one Wavion base station provides the same coverage as up to 10 conventional AP’s

Cold Storage


We offer complete solutions for Cold, Cool and CA storage facilities. Comprising our WMS system, MultiPick, and hand held and vehicle mounted computers, including barcode scanners designed to operate at -30C.



MultiPick WMS software stores, tracks, and processes inventory by Client.


All activity performed on behalf of a Client is recorded seperately for later billing, and user security can also be controlled by Client.


3PL operators are able to offer Client unique features to meet each Client’s specific requirements.



New Zealand is a country of exporters, and MultiPick is designed to meet specific regulatory requirements of exporters.


The integrated e-Cert module, in conjunction with export documentation, reduces admin and greatly improves assurance of traceability.

Industrial & Mills


The Honeywell range is a trusted brand when it comes to industrial grade mobile computing requirements.


Equipment is sealed to IP67 and is Mil Spec vibration tested, and certified to Class II explosive environments.


When combined with Wide Area WiFi base stations, it offers a unique solution for mills and industrial sites.