WiFi for Logistics

Logistics pushes the boundaries of WiFi when it comes to large indoor and outdoor facilities. Range and line of sight become limiting factors.

Unique technology developed by Wavion Inc. overcomes the limitation of conventional access points. One Wavion WiFi Base Station effectively replaces up to 13 conventional access points - reducing cost, complexity and support.


In addition the Wavion WBS base stations employ beam forming technology to spatially adapt to its surroundings enabling non-line of sight (NLOS) communications, virtually eliminating blind spots around corners.


For Ports and Intermodal wireless applications

One of the most challenging applications for WiFi is Ports and Intermodal facilities.


At these sites, coverage is measured in kilometers, mounting locations for base stations are usually limited to light towers, and container stacks are constantly changing.


Wavion’s telco grade base stations reduce the number required to cover a facility and their unique spatial adaptive technology constantly adapts to the changing environment as containers are moved.


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