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topVOX® of Germany specialise in voice picking technology.


Unlike other voice technologies, the topVOX system learns and adapts to an operator’s voice patterns.


This makes it more forgiving and reduces the teaching cycle.


Interlogic represents topVOX® in New Zealand.

Hands free

Ergonomics plays an important role for speech applications.


Application commands, such as voice login, volume control and pause mode can be issued via voice, keeping the operator hands free at all times.


Natural voice 

topVOX® focus on natural voice output employing human voices.


Contrary to synthetically generated voice, the use of a human voice has been proven to result in faster acceptance by the operators in the warehouse.


No training

topVOX® uses the most up-to-date independent speech recognition technology, which enables the system to immediately recognise dialects and accents.


This results in enormous savings of time and money since individual speech profiles of every employee are no longer required.



topVOX® has been integrated into MultiPick as another method of executing picking tasks, but can also be used with other warehouse management systems, including direct integration into SAP.


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