MultiPick® offers major efficiencies through increased order accuracy and inventory control.


MultiPick® is a well proven WMS application, trusted by international companies, and used in some of New Zealand’s largest warehousing facilities.

It has earned its stripes in the tough and competitive fast moving consumer goods market, where every logistic process is scrutinised to drive out costs and optimise efficiencies.


Like all great Kiwi software it is surprisingly feature rich and priced very competitively against well-known international branded WMS products.


The wide range of features offered by MultiPick® means it can virtually adapt to any type of warehousing situation, from industries as diverse as apparel to cold storage, pharmaceuticals and others.


MultiPick® will create a competitive edge for your business through increased efficiency, visibility and integrity.


MultiPick® is developed by the same company who implements it and also provides the critical on-going support throughout its life cycle.


The in-depth knowledge the team has in the software means less implementation time, accurate fit to business requirements, and quicker response time to support queries. Overall, it is a very cost-effective warehouse management solution for your business.


MultiPick® Licensing

MultiPick® is offered as licensed software at your site, or hosted as Software as a Service (SaaS). Two variants of the software are available: Enterprise or Express.


Both versions support RF devices, with Enterprise having the additional benefits of integration to advanced material handling equipment, Service Based Billing, and the Rules Engine.


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