Ruggedised Mobile Computers

We offer a range of industrial grade hand held and vehicle mounted computers are typically used in mills, port operations, and mission critical logistic operations.

Mobile computers for specialised applications such as Cold Storage and Intrinsically Safe environments.


Interlogic are also an authorised  repair centre, enabling us to provide customised local support of the highest standard to meet the demands of clients who rely on mobile device for their time sensitive operations.



Handheld Computers

We offer a full line of rugged handheld computers designed for warehousing and distribution in addition to ports, intermodal and outdoor logistics applications.


From light weight, low cost devices for use in small item picking warehouse applications, through to cold storage down to -30c and outdoor hazardous areas.


Vehicle Mount Computers

Vehicle-mounted computers for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities worldwide. Our range includes full screen, half screen, and reduced screen. Indoor and outdoor viewable displays, fully sealed against the elements down to -30c.


Wearable Computers

The benefits of hands free operation in a warehouse is well known.


We offer a comprehensive line of “hands-free” wearable data collection computers. With hands-free/wearable computers, operators gain unsurpassed freedom of movement to perform barcode reading tasks quickly, safely and comfortably.


Hands-free and wearable computers are certified by most industry-leading voice software applications.


Field Computers

The Marathon™ Field Computer is a full-featured rugged mobile computer that combines the ergonomics of a PDA, a 7” screen, and the processing speed of a laptop.


For supply chain applications, the Marathon allows a supervisor to resolve exceptions in real-time, while on the floor.


Voice Computers

Voice technology further improves warehouse efficiencies by allowing workers to be fully hands-free and eyes-free. We offer a full family of voice-dedicated and voice-enabled computers enhanced with exclusive ToughTalk technology.


Advanced audio circuitry and noise cancelling techniques enables voice-ready computers to support today’s voice logistics applications in the harshest and noisiest conditions.


Cold Environment Computers

We offer a range of hand held and vehicle mounted computers for the unique challenges for Cold Storage facilities. Moving in and out of the cold all day creates condensation, causing computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up, and internal parts to corrode.


You need a device built to combat these problems, without separate heated boots or annual desiccant pack changes that can take a unit out of commission. We offer several solutions including heated screens, thermostat controlled heaters, specialized batteries and more.


Hazardous Environment Computers

We offer a range of I-Safe certified devices to operate in hazardous locations with several mobile computer solutions specifically engineered for use in hazardous environments.


Ultra-rugged mobile computers exceed rigorous certification requirements for use in many hazardous locations such as those found in oil refineries, chemical processing plants and industrial sites where flammable gases, vapours or liquids may be present.


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