Ports of Auckland have partnered with Interlogic to keep NZ's largest sea port running for over 22 years


Interlogic has worked with the Ports of Auckland since 1993 providing wireless infrastructure and mobile data terminals for the port operation system.


This includes the use of Honeywell vehicle mounted units within the straddles and the side loaders, and the support to keep the Port operation on a 24/7 basis.

About Ports of Auckland

Ports of Auckland was established in 1840 and since then has grown with the city to become the largest and most importan sea port in New Zealand.


In 2015, 1,558 vessels called into the Port, and 972,434 TEU arrived into port.  On average, 35.03 crane rate moves are made per hour.


A benchmarking exercise in 2015 showed that the Port performs well above world averages on most measures.


As Jesse McBride, PoAL's Senior Systems Engineer says, "if the straddle drivers aren't moving, then the containers aren't moving.  So if the equipment isn't working in harmony, then the whole supply chain can become affected." 


"The partnership we have created with Interlogic has given us the support we need to keep the business and technology running.”


Spend less: 

“When you’re looking after over more than 4.4 million tonnes of cargo, it has to be a sharply focused operation and we rely heavily on the drivers and the technology that keeps the straddles, hoists and cranes in communication.


Make more: 

“The equipment we use has to be reliable, with the maximum up time and focus on work flow performance.”


Get loved: 

"We are Auckland’s port, working for Auckland, and we are determined to succeed.”


Always there: 

“Because we’ve had such a long history together, they understand what’s most important to us looking forward.”