For Auckland company Onelink, their warehouse management system could literally be described as a life-saving operation.


As a major supplier to public and private hospitals in New Zealand, Onelink (formerly Health Support Ltd) supplies their customers with the thousands of consumables required to run a modern hospital.


Each day, from their distribution centre in Auckland, they despatch a hugely diverse 22,000 product lines – everything from stationery and teabags, to high-end pharmaceuticals and surgical equipment.


Since 1997, Interlogic has provided Onelink with Multipick® software and a range of custom-designed equipment to meet the unique requirements of the healthcare industry.

About Onelink

Established in 1993, Onelink is unique in the New Zealand health sector.


Operating from a 8,000sq metre distribution centre in Auckland, Onelink provides its customers with a single-source supply for all consumables.


About 60% of Onelink's

business is derived from the major public hospitals in Auckland. The other 40% comes from other public hospitals around New Zealand, as well as a range of healthcare providers in the private sector.


Onelink, which is owned by the publicly-listed EBOS Group Ltd, has evolved its warehouse management systems to keep pace with its significant and steady growth.

Spend less: 

The weekday shift now ends at 6:30pm instead of 11pm.


Make more: 

“Our picking speed has increased by at least 22% under the new version.”


Get loved: 

“We now run at about 99.85% picking accuracy.”


Always there: 

“Any upgrading we do is rebuilding the jumbo in full flight...”