MultiPick now seamlesly integrates to multi-award winning

Transport Management

System, IFS SmartFreight®


Take control of all your freight needs via one multi-carrier platform.


Ensures the most economical freight choice is made for each and every shipment with full tracking visibility to your customer’s door and automatic reconciliation of transport provider’s invoices.


IFS SmartFreight® integrates seamlessly with MultiPick 
solutions and is the recommended Transport Management System for MultiPick clients.

IFS SmartFreight® is the market leading, multi-carrier, Transport Management System with thousands of clients worldwide currently shipping over 18 million consignments equating to some 45 million items of freight per annum and enjoying substantial transport cost savings in the process.


IFS SmartFreight® streamlines your supply chain providing full visibility of all freight movements.


Developed by Interactive Freight Systems, IFS SmartFreight® is 100% compliant across all major transport providers, delivering your organisation complete independence.


Giving you the freedom to choose which transport provider or service best suits your needs with traceable documentation for each and every movement.


Recognised by the Australian Government for its achievements, IFS has recently won Best eBusiness Product, Best Software Product, Product Excellent and Best Product Value - no small achievement.


Freight Savings...

Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar operation or an online retailer, annual freight savings of between 15% - 22% are regularly enjoyed by IFS clients.


These projected savings combined with your ability to move between transport providers effortlessly as the need arises, delivers an exceptional ROI and level of independence seldom seen in the supply chain industry. 


Some Key Features... 

• Route Optimisation 
• Freight Invoice Reconciliation 
• Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) 
• Real Time Freight Tracking including Proof of Delivery (POD) 
• Complete DIFOT (Delivered In Full One Time) and KPI analysis and reporting on all freight movements


Contact us or the IFS SmartFreight® team direct for an obligation free demonstration of how IFS SmartFreight® can revolutionise your supply chain...


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