“Kiwis love their European cars.

Interlogic’s MultiPick® is helping European Motors Distributors keep pace with the nation’s growing demand for parts.”


Together, Interlogic and EMD are also achieving something of a world first; by developing a customised warehouse management solution for the fast-paced requirements of the automotive industry.


With massive growth on the horizon for EMD, they realised several years ago that the whole infrastructure of their business needed to change. Hence the move, in mid-2013, from their former Grey Lynn premises into a 6,000sq ft warehouse distribution facility near Auckland


Spend less: 

“Our bill for airfreight used to be massive,

but it was the only way we could service the

marketplace. Stock had to come straight in and

out the door because we had no space. A lot of

that cost has now gone, because we can keep it

on the shelf.”


Make more: 

“At the end of the day, it’s MultiPick® that

allows us to operate efficiently out of this space.”


Get loved: 

Service degree: “In our previous location we were running at best practice of 80% and we're now running at 93%”


Always there: 

“MultiPick became the obvious choice for us.  They also offered the local NZ-based support that other suppliers didn't.”


About EMD

European Motor Distributors (EMD) is a parts arm of the wider Giltrap Group, an iconic name in New Zealand’s motoring history. EMD is responsible for four of the Group’s marques –

Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Porsche.


Douglas Blair, EMD’s Parts & Distribution general manager, explains the background to their business expansion.

“Demand for all those marques is very strong. Volkswagen grew by around 30% last year, for

instance. We’re seeing more and more Kiwis choose our brands – adding to all the vehicles sold in

previous years – so the service we provide to those vehicles is increasing exponentially.”


And as Douglas Blair points out, strong after-sales service is just as important as sales.

“If you don’t have a strong after-sales service, you won’t sell as many new cars. New car buyers of our brands expect first class service. So those two things go hand-in-hand. The growth of our

brands in NZ has seen a doubling in demand for the Parts business in less than10 years, and this pace is set to continue.”