Warehouse & distribution  solutions customisedto meet your needs.


Whether you are in need of a complete software and hardware solution to run your warehouse, or the hardware to operate your site using your own software, we are able to provide an installed solution to suit.

We achieve 4 key goals:

Spend Less

Reduce your overall operating costs by up to 25%

Make More

Grow business without growing your costs

Get Loved

Be the supplier your customers want to do business with...

Always There

When you need a hand, we’re just down the road…

How it works

Our forte is blending the right mix of Warehouse Management Software, hardware and materials handling equipment to give you optimal return on your investment dollar.
Your Warehouse

The solution for your warehouse is crafted by Consultants who have worked in warehouses, who know where to look for the savings and efficiencies that give you the edge.

Through combining their experience and knowledge with an in-depth understanding of MultiPick, Warehouse Management Software, you become the supplier your customers want to deal with.


Your warehouse is unique from its shape, to how it is racked, the products stored and to the way you service your customers. Each warehouse requires a solution that takes these factors into account to make it run as efficiently as possible.


Our Solutions

At the core of our solutions is MultiPick Warehouse Management System complimented by a selection of technologies that makes up your unique solution.


We're continuously looking to source new and innovative technologies, or where we can see the need for a particular materials handling product our “Kiwi ingenuity” comes to the forefront and we’ll build, or adapt material handling equipment to suit your needs.


This is primarily a blend of RF handheld and vehicle mounted equipment, with custom built trolleys, Voice Picking and Pick-to-Light as appropriate for your business.

Our Support

when you need assistance our support is second to none. The team that designs the software also supports the software. You'll always receive prompt and informative answers, without the usual escalation from a call center up through the various levels that cause delays to your business.


Where we incorporate WiFi, RF devices, Voice, or any other form of Advanced Material Handling Equipment into your solution, we ensure we have the knowledge to support it without delays.

OneCall is our support service. One phone call to us and we'll take care of the query, if we cant fix we will know who can.

Talk to us today – We can design an optimum solution for you. 
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